Game Ready Confidence

A Pre-Game Routine for Your Mindset!

  • Tired of watching your athlete play afraid to make mistakes?
  • Over worrying if she'll perform?
  • Sick of seeing her beat herself up?

Be proactive.
Use this tool to create a pre-game routine in order to mentally prepare for games and show up confident.


Free Self Talk Practice

What you say and think is what you believe! We always say that sports is 90% mental and 10% physical, but we don't ever actually take the time to work on the mental part. What your daughter says to yourself is key to her confidence. Grab this practice to finally give her the mental practice!


  • Affirmation (Confident Self Talk) Cheat Sheet
  • Empowering Phone Wallpapers
  • Video Training 

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Want to help your daughter or players...feel confident?
Be more valuable to her team?
Turn pressure and nerves into excitement and success?
Let go of failure quickly?

You're in the right spot! Join the community of parents helping parents, live trainings by Paige, resources, and more!


The Confident Athlete Course

The ultimate course for creating confidence and working on mindset. 
Your athlete’s step-by-step training course to create confidence and finally believe in herself.


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