Visualization Practice

Visualization is KEY as an athlete. It's one of the main tools the girls in The Mental Game Mentorship use to level up! If you want to be the best athlete you can be, you have to download this Visualization Practice and start NOW! Create your own success and self confidence through visualization! 


Create Your Sports Routines

By creating your very own routine for pre-game or pre-performance, you are preparing yourself for competition! Your specific and unique sports routine will enhance your confidence, composure, calmness, control, focus, intensity, and consistency. Download to create your own sports routine and build confidence right away!


Daily Routine

Your daily routine is IMPORTANT! Start your day off being grateful, telling yourself what you love about YOU, writing out positive self talk and get rid of the negative opinions, visualize, and remember YOU ARE ENOUGH! Download your daily routine and get started today! 


Dreaming + Goals Worksheet

Dreaming, goal setting + planning is essential to achieving everything you want in life; college dreams, being a great athlete, landing that dream job one day, just downright being a good person. In this workshop you will learn how to efficiently and effectively set goals based off of your dreams! Download the Dreaming  + Goals Worksheet today to get started!!! Take action! 


Paige's Must Reads

Download the list of recommended books that will elevate your game, help you build self confidence, and give you more tools to be the best athlete you can possibly be! 


Thoughts Practice

Your thoughts and what you say to yourself is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things to practice because what you say and think is what you BELIEVE! Let's get you believing GOOD things so you can play your very best out there!


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