Mindset Lessons for Athletes

Start practicing the mental part of your game. Paige created mindset lessons for girls to finally have a time to add mental training to build resiliency and confidence. 

Being a former athlete who found confidence and success through working on her mindset, Paige gives group mindset lessons via Zoom (online) on weeknights.

Lessons focus on mental training for all girl athletes. Topics will include:

  • positive self talk
  • visualization
  • getting past mistakes
  • limiting beliefs
  • routines (pre-game, post-game, pre-performance)
  • overcoming failure
  • leadership
  • and so much more. 



Mindset lessons are for your athlete if...

➡️ She is constantly beating herself up over everything (even when she performs well)

➡️  She completely falls apart after making mistakes

➡️ She doesn't know how capable and valuable she is 

➡️ She works her butt off at practice and lessons (physical), but isn't seeing the pay-off

Confidence is absolutely possible and more for your daughter with a mindset lessons.

I truly believe when you add the mental part to your game, success will follow. 

 The secret to overcoming self doubt is finally working on her mindset

✅ How different would your athlete’s confidence be if she knew how to learn from her mistakes instead of completely fall apart?

✅ What would it be worth to you if your daughter started turning her failures into success and happiness?

✅ It’s time your daughter becomes the athlete and person you know she is 100% capable of

Confidence is absolutely possible and more for your daughter with a mindset lessons.

Trista • Athlete

"Thank you so much Paige. You really impacted my life and I have become so much more confident and less scared to take risks. Now I go everywhere with a positive mindset. I really do appreciate everything you have done for me!"

Jenny • Mom

"This work has been amazing for my daughter. I have seen so much growth in her confidence. I will forever be grateful for you and this mindset work."

Maddie • Athlete

"Thank you so much. I really learned a lot and couldn't be the player I am today without working on my mindset!"

Meet Your Coach, Paige!

Paige is a former Division I athlete that has been teaching mental training methods that help girl athletes on the mental side of their game. Her passion is to provide tools and lessons to help these athletes become confident and resilient on the field/court and in their lives!

Lessons FAQ

$45 per athlete.

The maximum I allow in any weekly lesson is 12 girls. For The Confident Athlete program, more athletes will be allowed, but as lessons grow, I'll bring on more coaches to help. I want each athlete to feel heard and seen in each lesson.


I do offer private mentorship. Let's schedule a time to chat more on a call to see if that would be a good fit.

Book a call here!

Join weekly lessons as a team. $40 per athlete.

Want a workshop exclusively for your team? Let's schedule a call to get that set up. 

Schedule call here!

Weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays on Zoom.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged the price of your lesson.

I love an athlete that comes prepared! You will receive a Zoom link after you have scheduled and paid. Join the lesson 5-10 minutes before to make sure your technology is working and you don't miss anything. Bring something to write on and write with!

Yes! 100%. Mindset Lessons are for staying consistent and accountable with your mindset work and mental training. 

Online on a Zoom call! 

What the athletes + parents are saying...


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