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Pre-Game Guided Visualization MP3

Just hit play! Take your Pre-Game Routine to the next level with our guided visualization. Paige will walk you (and your athletes) through a 6 minute guided visualization to maximize the Game Ready Confidence and help you (and your athletes) create peak performance in your next games.

You can take this mp3 on your phone or tablet to use anytime and anywhere. Just press play and watch your pre-game routine really go to work for you (and your athletes)!

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Game Ready Confidence

A Pre-Game Routine for your mindset!

  • Tired of watching your athlete play afraid to make mistakes?

  • Over worrying if she'll perform?

  • Sick of watching her be hesitant?

Be proactive.
Use this tool to create a pre-game routine in order to mentally prepare for games and show up confident.

What will happen when you use Game Ready Confidence?

  •  Finally sit back and watch your athlete love the game again

  • Have confidence knowing that your athlete has ALL the tools to be play without fear 

  • Watch your athlete feel prepared and confident going into her game

What's included?

  • Quick Training Video

  • Game Ready Confidence (Your New Mindset Pre-Game Routine) PDF

What is in the Game Ready Confidence?

  • Develop awareness and understanding that it’s okay to feel nervous 

  • Create intention - know how you want to feel in your game 

  • Shift your expectations - allow yourself to let go of the outcomes and expectations and play freely

  • Plan for failure - create a reminder for yourself when failures and challenges come up (because they will since they are part of being an athlete)