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Game Ready Confidence

A Pre-Game Routine for Your Mindset!

- Tired of watching your athlete play afraid to make mistakes?
- Over worrying if she'll perform?
- Sick of seeing her beat herself up?

Be proactive.

Use this tool to create a pre-game routine in order to mentally prepare for games and show up confident.

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Weekly Mindset Lesson

While Paige is on maternity leave, she has pre-recorded a Mindset Lesson just for your athlete! Each Mindset Lesson comes with a study guide your athlete can use and complete to take action on what she learns.

Live Weekly Mindset Lessons will return the week of September 12th, but don't wait until then to keep working on your mindset!

Weekly Mindset Lesson Schedule:

📌 6/20 - What to think about when you’re not feeling confident

📌 6/27 - Your negative thoughts are giving you negative results

📌 7/4 - Positive self talk that actually works

📌 7/11 - What you say to yourself matters

📌 7/18 - Boost your self confidence with this

📌 7/25 - What the best athletes are thinking

📌 8/1 - Don’t just warm up with your team and expect to be prepared

📌 8/8 - A powerful tool to create confidence before your next game

📌 8/15 - Can’t stop thinking about the last mistake you made?

📌 8/22 - The little things that make a big difference in your results as an athlete

📌 8/29 - Guide to having conversations in the car ride home

📌 9/5 - How to get deal with failure

What's included in your Weekly Mindset Lesson: 

  • Pre-Recorded Mindset Lesson by Paige 
  • Study Guide for taking action and accountability