When you focus on the things you can control...

It’s reel time, I mean go time!

Getting on this reel train via Instagram for real though (no pun intended there)! I mean, what better way to describe when you focus on the things you can control that the real magic happens (lol at me dancing)?!

When you start to feel your thoughts and expectations drifting towards things you can’t control like…

🤯 That bad call

🤯 Your coach getting mad at you

🤯 Your results

🤯 The mistake you just made

🤯 Your parents yelling random stuff from the stands

🤯 Losing

... start focusing on the things you can ACTUALLY control instead like…

🎉 Your effort

🎉 Your attitude

🎉 Your response

🎉 Your thoughts

🎉 Your trust

🎉 Your self talk

🎉 Your visualization

🎉 Your breath


When you do this… I promise you that you’ll play more relaxed, have more fun, and play with the freakin’ confidence you know you deserve!

That’s when the results fall right into place.

I’ve got you girl. We practice ALLLLL of those things that you can control in The Confident Athlete which is opening up again THIS SUMMER!!!

Get on the waitlist to have first dibs, surprises along the way, and who knows what else!

Keep on keepin’ on,

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