Hi, I'm Paige!

I help elite girl athletes 
build self confidence.


I am a Girl Athlete Mindset Mentor and I played softball what feels like my whole life. Growing up, I lived and breathed sports, just like you! But... it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows.

I quickly learned that I hated failure and I was bad at it. I had really high standards for myself as an athlete growing up and even today. I mean, at 10 years old, my heart was set on playing college softball (I ended up playing for an amazing school, Northwestern University). When I didn't meet my expectations, my dad's expectations, my coach's expectations, it was like the world was ending. 

I was afraid to make mistakes. 
When I failed, I believed I was a failure.
I didn't have the confidence that I wanted.
I sure as heck didn't trust myself and felt so much doubt.

I struggled through my first 3 years in college on the hitting side of things. It wasn't until my SENIOR year when things changed for the best. I finally decided to focus on 1) giving it my all 2) having fun 3) whatever happened, happened. To me this was finally letting go of the results. I ended up doubling my batting average and tripling the amount of my at bats with this mindset shift.

So, I decided to be a Mindset Mentor because I knew in my heart and soul that girls after me NEEDED to work on their mindset in order to be successful at softball, sports, and LIFE!

Because, when we feel good, we play good! 

Does your daughter...

  • struggle with her confidence?

  • get down on herself?

  • worry about what other people think?

  • overthink in her games?

Does your daughter want...

  • to feel confident?

  • to be more valuable to her team?

  • to come in clutch under pressure?

  • to let go of mistakes quickly?

You are in the right place! I'm here to support you and your daughter through this journey. Check out the different ways to get started below! 

Get Started!

Game Ready Confidence

A Pre-Game Routine for Your Athlete's Mindset!

Tired of watching your athlete play afraid to make mistakes?

Over worrying if she'll perform?

Sick of seeing her beat herself up?

Be proactive.

Use this tool to create a pre-game routine in order to mentally prepare for games and show up confident.


The Confident Athlete Program

Are you ready for your athlete to feel truly confident?

Go from feeling like your heart keeps breaking watching your daughter struggle to relieved and confident knowing she has the tools to handle any of life’s challenges and turning it into success.

The ultimate program for creating confidence and working on mindset.
Your athlete’s step-by-step training program to create confidence and finally believe in herself.


FREE Team Talk

Are you a coach or parent looking to add this crucial part of athletics to your team? Let's explore what that looks like for your team! 

Book me to come out before practice or do a virtual Zoom session to share with your team the importance of the mental game and building confidence. We even do an exercise to practice positive self talk.



Private Mentorship

Are you looking for one on one mentorship for your daughter? 

I open limited spots for private mentorship throughout the year.

Check out how you can get started with private mentorship!


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About Me

Paige has countless hours of experience as an athlete and in the personal development space (through competing in DI softball to being a certified trainer for Positive Coaching Alliance). She has now mentored 500+ girl athletes. To learn more about Paige, click below!


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"Thank you so much for everything these past 6 months Paige. You have truly helped me gain so much confidence not only in sports but also in my life. I use the affirmations daily and continue to use self talk, breathing, and visualization before, during, and after my games. I feel I have made such huge strides and my confidence is on a whole new level. I am so thankful for this program and everything it taught me."

16 Year Old Athlete


Learn how to create confidence NOW instead of waiting for it to just show up

We always talk about how sports are 90% mental and 10% physical, but we don't ever actually take the time to work on the mental part. Confidence is not a feeling. It’s a choice. What your daughter is thinking about and seeing before she competes is key to her confidence. Grab this guide to finally give her the mental skills to practice!


  • Video Training on visualization
  • Guide to create her very own confidence reel

Results: Confidence boost before games, practices, tryouts, camps, and even in the classroom!

I am a Confident Athlete

I am STRONG. I am BEAUTIFUL. I am in POWER. I TRUST myself.  I CHARGE forward when things get tough. I trust my GUT. I love CHALLENGES. I can do anything I set my MIND to. I EMPOWER others around me. I LEAD with purpose. I bet on MYSELF. I am a DREAMER and a DOER. I make a DIFFERENCE and I am IMPORTANT. I choose HAPPINESS. I am a WARRIOR in competition and life.


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