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Paige Tonz

Being a 20-something nowadays typically means: tough choices, premature mid-life crises, and wanderlust with (usually) insufficient funds.

Our dreams for that white-picket fence and roommate-free lifestyle seem out of reach as we are burdened by student loans, credit card debt and the stress of a budding career.

Lucky for you, there is someone to help. Beyond that, she has crushed these obstacles, purchased her first home at 25 years old and is now focused on long term wealth (all under the age of 30, by the way).

Paige Tonz is the soon-to-be co-host of Purpose Driven Real Estate Podcast, a former Division I softball player and has a tremendous passion for inspiring millennials and young adults to pursue eccentricity, believe in wild dreams and invest in the future through real estate.

The pressures of “adulting” can be restricting. Allow Paige to help you start living with a limitless mindset.


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