10 things that don't matter as an athlete

When I think about my time as an athlete now that I’m an “adult,” I start to think about all the little things that seemed so big that don’t even matter anymore (or should have when I was that younger athlete).

Here it goes... 

Things that don’t matter as an athlete:

  1. What your coach thinks you are capable of doing - YOU are the only one that needs to think you are capable
  2. Mistakes - Of course to an extent, but mistakes aren’t going to make or break your entire career, learn from them
  3. Athlete rankings - Low? Prove them wrong. High? Keep your head down, stay humble, and work hard
  4. What level college you go to - There is a school for YOU and DIII schools are just as important as DI schools
  5. What college your parents think you should go to - YOU have to be there and do the work, pick a school that fits YOU
  6. Comparing yourself to everyone else - You’ll never be her and that’s what makes you SO special, so use your gifts and be the best version of you!
  7. Beating yourself up - This will only bring you down and keep you down, learn and move forward, you’re doing so many great things
  8. Gossip - Stay far, far away from it
  9. Complaining - Stay far, far away from it
  10. Coaches that don’t treat you like you deserve - go somewhere else, it’s not worth being on the #1 team if it’s a crap environment 

Don’t sweat the small stuff, play hard, and have fun! When you do those things, great things happen. Oh… AND work on your mental game (download my FREE Self Talk Practice to get started)! 

💕 Paige

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