5 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Talk

Are you working on your mental game as much as your physical game?! 🤷‍♀️


 What you say and think is what you believe. 

So, what are you saying and thinking about yourself? 

Especially when 💩 hits the fan at practice or in your game or maybe just when you are working on something when no one is watching. 

 Those negative thoughts and doubts are going to happen. 

😏 “Omg. I’m such a failure.”

😏 “Why can’t I do this?”

😏 “What’s wrong with me?”

😏 “I’ll never be as good as her.”

 And it’s okay to have these thoughts ONLY if you take control and change them. 

How do you change your thoughts?! 

PRACTICING YOUR SELF TALK! Not when it’s hard. Not when you’re in the middle of failure. Every 👏 single 👏 day 👏!

You have to practice self talk daily to have confidence.

I know it seems like it is hard to find time to work on your mental game, but it is EASY. 

I’ll show you.

 5 EASY ways to practice your self talk with affirmations! 👇

Affirmations are just empowering, confident, statements for YOU. 

Examples of mine…

💗 “I am stronger than I think.”

💗 “I take action and make things happen.”

💗 “I am successful.” 


Here’s how you practice…

1️⃣ WRITE THEM DOWN! Put a notebook where you will see it in the morning (nightstand, kitchen counter, on your bed, wherever you need) and write down your affirmations EVERY DAY! 

2️⃣ Stick them on your water bottle! The next time you’re practicing or in a game and you are wrapped up in those negative thoughts and self doubt, you’re going to have to get a drink of water and your water bottle will remind you just how AMAZING you really are! 

3️⃣ Put it on your equipment! Write down an affirmation, or 2, or 3 on something you use during your games and practices (bat, armband, glove, stick, uniform, etc.). Get creative! 

4️⃣ See it every morning you get ready! Write down your affirmations on your mirror with a dry-erase marker. You’ll be reminded just how bad-to-the-bone you are as you get ready to take on your day. 

5️⃣ Reminder before you leave the house! Write down your affirmations and put them on the door on the way out! This way, you never leave the house without being reminded about what you BELIEVE in yourself! 

I’m keeping you accountable‼️


Pick a few of these easy ways to practice your affirmations!

Take a picture of it! 

Post it on your Instagram/Facebook!

Tag me!

I can’t wait to watch you TAKE ACTION. Taking action = confidence! Let’s go! 

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Keep on keepin’ on,


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