5 Mental Skills for Sports + Performance

Sep 17, 2019

If you want to be the best of the best, get out of your comfort zone, achieve your goals and dreams, gain confidence on and off the field, be a leader, and play to your full potential...

Here are the mental skills you HAVE to start practicing! 👇👇

🥎 1. Visualization - see yourself succeed, see your most confident version of you, see yourself coming in CLUTCH!

🥎 2. Breathe - yep, simple as that. Take a big deep breath in, and let it go. Let the fears go. Let the worries go. Let it all out!

🥎 3. Be Mindful - this just means be present, be in the moment, get grounded, and focus on the task right in front of you.

🥎 4. Positive Self Talk - today we are talking mantras. Create a mantra, a saying you can tell yourself over and over again, write it on your glove, your jersey, wherever you need to see it and remind yourself. Example: "I am a confident, enthusiastic, powerhouse!"

🥎 5. Let go and mistakes are okay - I'm giving you permission to 100% believe that MISTAKES ARE OKAY! Don't be afraid to make the mistakes, play fearless!

Practice, practice, practice. Practice at least one of these mental skills, just like you practice your physical skills. It takes time, effort, commitment to grow your mindset, to work on your mental game. But! I promise you, it is worth it all because when you practice your mental skills, you WILL be the strongest, greatest, most confident athlete competing! 💪💪💪

Go get em' girl! 💕


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