Set your daughter up for success

We tend to limit ourselves and our potential before we even give ourselves the chance to succeed. Meaning, we are constantly falling short of our true potential. Sometimes, we don’t even realize what’s possible.

Does this sound like your athlete? 

I do this to myself all the time. I think about all the ways it couldn’t work or what’s “realistic” rather than just trusting myself and showing up with an open mind. 

The way that I get out of my own way and step into the most confident version of myself is by asking myself some questions, journaling, and visualizing. 

Have your daughter journal on these questions…

1️⃣If you already had the success you wanted, what would your confidence be like? 

2️⃣If you were the most confident version of yourself, how would you show up in your game/practice? 

3️⃣If you were already successful and confident, what would you say or think about yourself? 

💭Encourage your daughter to visualize what she wants to happen in her game/practice.

You have to step into your most confident version of yourself before you are even there. Confidence is created, not dictated by past results and outcomes! 

Does your daughter need more of this kind of mindset work? Reply with a “We want more mindset work!” and we will schedule a call to talk about a game plan for her! 

💕 Paige 

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