Are tryouts and new season coming soon?!

Are you ready,?! Is your daughter ready?! 🤷‍♀️

Do we ever feel 100% ready!? No, not really - BUT, it's okay, I'VE GOT YOU and YOUR DAUGHTER! 👏

But... are you/your daughter ready to feel... 
CONFIDENT and PREPARED for tryouts and season? 💁‍♀️🙌

Instead of... 
😬worried about this season's results 
😬not good enough 
😬fear of failure 
😬afraid to let people down

No matter what you/your daughter did or didn't do to prepare - there is still hope!

I can help you/your daughter... 
💪get your mindset and attitude in check 
💪build up your confidence 
💪create a plan of ACTION to feel amazing going into tryouts and upcoming season

I can help you (mom + dad)... 
💗help your daughter create all the positivity 
💗know what to say to her when she's feeling nervous or in her own head

Here's the secret recipe! 
⚡️self talk 
⚡️a plan of action

Not sure how to do these things on your own? No stress!

I am doing a FREE Live Pre-Season Mindset Prep Training for 
ATHLETES and PARENTS (separately)!

Athlete Training 👱‍♀️ 
🥎Visualization training to see yourself succeeding, making the team, and being clutch in pressure moments. 
🥎Self talk training so you can get rid of those negative thoughts, turn your nerves into empowerment, and stay out of slumps during your season! 
**FREE Worksheet Included
🥎Training on how to put these new habits and routines into action by planning out day by day leading up to your try outs and upcoming season! 
**FREE Worksheet Included

Parent Training 👫 
👉Training to help your daughter get out of her own way so she can rock her try outs and season! 
👉Training on what to say and what not to say to your daughter so she'll actually listen to you! 
**FREE Worksheets to give your daughter!

If this is for you/your daughter... 

Join Me In These FREE Trainings!

It's going to be AWESOME!!! See you there!

You've go this! 💕


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