The Mental Game Mentorship 

Individual Mentorship

One on one mental training that will elevate the elite girl athlete in her sport + in life. 


  • On Boarding Session
  • Coaching Sessions 
  • Check-Ins
  • Daily Mentorship
  • Girl Athlete Community
  • Guest Speaker
  • Access
  • Parent Check Ins
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The Mental Game Mentorship 

Group Mentorship

The Group Program is for close mentorship with the group of elite girl athletes already in The Mental Game Mentorship.

A series of workshop sessions which include coaching and mental training that will elevate elite girl athletes in their sport + in life. 


  • On Boarding Session
  • Monthly Group Workshop Sessions
  • Group Check-Ins
  • Daily Mentorship
  • Girl Athlete Community
  • Guest Speakers
  • Access
  • Parent Check-Ins
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The Mental Game Mentorship 

Team Mentorship

The Team Workshops are for teams who want to work on their mental game!

The workshop sessions will be based off the team's biggest needs. The workshop sessions are coaching and mental training that will elevate the elite girl athletes in their sport + in life in a team setting.


  • Monthly Workshop Sessions
  • Monthly Check-In
  • Girl Athlete Community
  • Guest Speakers
  • Access
  • Coach Check Ins


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The Mind + Body Camp

The Mind + Body Camp is a way for your team or your daughter's team to work on their physical skills (hitting, defense, conditioning) while learning new mental skills, then putting it all together through challenges and competition!   

If your team or daughter...

  • struggles with their confidence?
  • gets down on themselves easily? 
  • does really well at practice and falls apart in the game?
  • has a hard time balancing school and sports at times...

Then this opportunity is fo YOUR TEAM, OR YOUR DAUGHTER'S TEAM!   

At this camp the girls will learn all of this...

  • How to visualize and see themselves succeeding
  • How to practice and execute positive self talk
  • How to break through their mental blocks and fears
  • How to practice gratitude (this one is great for parents when they come home grateful)
  • How to include breath work in their routines
  • How to dream, set goals, and actually take action (aka we are whipping out the agendas/planners and creating a plan)


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Mental Training Intro Workshop for Teams

Schedule me to come out to your team (if local) or schedule an online introduction to mental training! 

Who is this introduction workshop for?

  • Teams that have girls who are struggling with their confidence.
  • Teams who have a really hard time bouncing back from mistakes. 
  • Teams that are afraid to make mistakes and play timid at times.
  • Teams that want that extra edge to get to the next level. 
  • Teams who are playing up or in transition and experiencing more failure, but not sure how to handle it well. 

What's in the workshop?

  • A little introduction and getting to know one another. I share how mental training completely changed my game and my life.
  • Find out what you (parents and coaches) and your girls are struggling with on and off the field/court. 
  • Figure out what you (parents and coaches) and your girls really want out of themselves and how they want to feel out on the field/court.  
  • I challenge the girls to think about what they are saying or thinking to themselves and what you (parents and coaches) are too!
  • Learn how to breathe, visualize, and practice self talk. 
  • Taking action with the mental game and skills. 
  • Show you (parents and coaches) and the girls what the mental game can do for their success on the field/court! 
  • Q+A 

Yes, this is a workshop for coaches, parents, and the girls together! 


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Book me to speak at your next practice, team banquet, conference, or a panel! 

I am passionate about how sports has impacted my life. My mission is to inspire and motivate young women to reach their full potential. 


Where have I been?
- Club Teams' Practices
    - Firecrackers - Arizona Softball
    - Batbusters Softball
   - Hotshots - Arizona Softball
   - Amore Soccer
   - Fortitude Volleyball

- High School Teams' Practices
   - Centennial Softball
   - Cactus Shadows Softball
   - Ironwood Softball
  - Sandra Day O'Connor Softball
   - Liberty Softball 

- Positive Coaching Alliance Workshops
     - Social Media 
     - Double Goal Coach 
- Career + College Day at Arroyo
- Crossfit Kids + Athlete Classes

Total: 1000+ Athletes, Parents, and Coaches

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