Are you focused on your results? 😑

Jan 10, 2020

Stop it! 🤚🛑

I know. Easier said than done. 😏

I'm not going to lie to you. I was focused on the results for A LONG TIME. I still catch myself focusing in on the results instead of what I should be focusing on.

I wanted the... 
📈highest batting average
📈record for the most RBI's 
📈best fielding percentage 

But, that mentality only got me so far.. I did okay, maybe just slightly above average. It never felt like enough. I knew deep down I had more in me.


When I worried about the results... 
🙅‍♀️I was tense 
🙅‍♀️I had horrible thinking when it wasn't perfect 
🙅‍♀️my attitude sucked when the results didn't match up to my expectations 
🙅‍♀️I was a crap teammate because I was being selfish

Here's the trick.👇

Focusing on the things you CAN control. 
I know.... rocket science, right?! You've heard this one before, but hear me out.

SERIOUSLY! - this is no joke!☝️

When things took off in my softball career (my senior year, yep, a little late, but better late than never) I... 
👊doubled my batting average 
👊was having a freakin' blast playing 
👊felt REAL confidence I had never experienced before 
👊made the hitting lineup every game

My mindset was this...
👉I am just going to go out there and give it my all, FORGET whatever happens. I am the boss now!👈

Do this to start letting your mind forget about those results that are keeping you from your greatness! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

💭Close your eyes. 
💭Take a deep breath or 2 or 3. 
💭Picture what it would be like, feel like to just play for fun, to compete, to just do your best and the results or outcomes didn't matter anymore. Just you and the game. 
💭What would that feel like?

‼️ I DARE you to play your next game or compete like that! ‼️

Let me know how it goes and email me about it by responding to this!!!!

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You've go this girl! 💕


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