Are you really going to let no stop you? Heck no!

Aug 03, 2019

{{first_name}}, don't let someone get in the way of what you've worked so hard for! 

Somebody told me no recently and I wanted to just give up. But then, I realized that wasn't the answer. I'm better than that. I'm more determined than that. I've worked too hard to just stop. I don't care if someone tells me no! 

I'm going to keep going no matter who tells me no! ✊ 

👉Have you ever been told no? 
👉Heard a coach tell you no? 
👉Didn't make the line up? 
👉Someone told you that you're not good enough? 
👉You can't do this? 
👉You can't do that?

💔💔💔This is the most heart wrenching, gut punching answer from someone because as athletes, we are determined, goal driven, dreamers, and we are going for it!

When someone tells us no, it hurts. We can get frustrated, upset, angry, annoyed, sad, self doubt, fear, and we want to give up.

But! I am telling you this NOW! 🙌🙌🙌

😑If you don't get played that game...
😑If you get pulled from a game...
😑If someone tells you no...
😑If there are road blocks...
😑If the path isn't easy...

Don't let that NO stop you! This is what you're going to do...

1. Write your goals down. IT IS IMPORTANT TO WRITE IT DOWN! It's much more likely to happen when you write them down. 
2. Don't give up! No matter what. Keep going! Even if you are moving at the pace of a snail. 
3. You are enough. Period. You are enough today. Remind yourself that you are enough today and this is a journey, a process.

🤷‍♀️So, are you really going to let that no stop you? 
🤷‍♀️Are you going to let that one person get in the way of your dreams?
🤷‍♀️Will you let one or two no's stop you from achieving your goals? 
🤷‍♀️Is that no going to keep you from doing what you love?!

NO (lol)!☝️☝️☝️
No's lead to yes's. It's going to make you better.

You've got this girl! 💖


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