Being a confident athlete from a coach and former athlete's experience with Dominique Humphrey

Watch and learn from Professional and former collegiate softball catcher, AND coach on being confident.

Here are some of the things that really stuck with me after our conversation:

🔸 How she overcomes struggles...

- Having supportive coaching was something that Dominique had a hard time finding early in her career

- She knew that she wanted to be more for the girls that she gets to coach and her mission is to be a supportive coach who believes in the girls because she learned that having supportive coaches was really impactful for her.

🔸Recruiting tips from Dominique...🔸What she does to feel confident in games...

- She shared that a lot of her confidence comes from preparation. For example, visualizing specific mechanics and seeing what I want to happen. Visualizing herself making mistakes and then seeing herself recovering positively so she was prepared.

🔸How Dominique instills confidence in her players...

- She said, "I give reassurance to the athletes I coach that they are capable. I get to know my players on a personal level so I can give them constructive feedback."

🔸What she thinks sets the great players apart from the average players... 

- Average players are okay with mediocrity and great players are distinguished by their work ethic, attitude, dedication, leading by example and bringing their team with them.

🔸Recruiting tips from Dominique...

- Always be open and accept positive constructive criticism, show that you are willing to learn and grow every day, work hard, and most importantly BE KIND.

🔸Important advice from Dom...

- "I wish I would have known sooner that how you speak to yourself matters. You are the most influential person to yourself."

I just love that we can learn from incredible athletes like Dominique who have SOOOO much experience on so many levels! Thanks Dom for sharing and being transparent about your journey!! Talyn wasn't kidding when she said she had a great coach to share with me :)

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