BOOST Your Confidence through this Easy Exercise!

Jul 28, 2019

We are talking about loving ourselves!

As athletes, teenagers, adults, as humans, it’s easy to forget to love ourselves.

It’s easy to love on everyone else. Our moms, our dads, our friends, our brothers and sisters (maybe). It’s easy to notice everyone else’s strengths.

It’s hard to tell ourselves what we love about ourselves and what are strengths are.

In the Local Meet Up (our once a month get-together for all the local girls in The Mental Game Mentorship + out of state girls streaming in live), we wrote love letters to ourselves.

Yep… mushy gushy, beautiful love letters to OURSELVES.

This is super easy, fun, powerful activity to do to BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE.

So, let’s do it.

It’s really easy and simple.

Think about if you wrote a nice, appreciative, supportive letter to a friend, family member, or loved one.

Now, put you in it instead.

I had the girls in our Local Meet Up all write their own love letters. Then, we all shared our love letters out loud!! Reading them out loud is even more powerful because you are speaking those words out into the world.

Remember, what you think and say is what you BELIEVE!

Here are some prompts to help you out in this letter…

  • I am writing because…
  • I love you because…
  • I appreciate you because…
  • I am proud of you because…
  • You should feel accomplished because…
  • ________ makes me feel happy because…
  • You are f*ing awesome because…
  • You are beautiful because…
  • You are unlike anyone else because…
  • I am thankful to you because…
  • What I wish for you is…

It’s a love letter. It’s a promise to yourself. You are reminding yourself how awesome, amazing, and incredible you are.

This is a great tool to practice positive self talk so when you are in the middle of a game and fail, you will be better at using positive self talk in that challenging moment.

We WRITE the letters because when you write it out, you are 5X more likely to retain that information! Hence, writing the love letter!

Here is my love letter to myself!


Dear Paige,

I’m writing because I want you to know how truly amazing you are inside and out. I am proud of you because no matter what challenges come your way, you persevere. You never give up and you go for your biggest, craziest, scariest dreams. You are f*ing awesome because you aren’t afraid to be who you are authentically. You are unlike anyone else because when you set your mind to something, nothing can stop you. I love that you ask for help and don’t feel ashamed of that. You are a kind, loving, thoughtful, and seriously beautiful person. Your drive and determination to impact 100s of girls that were and are just like you inspires me daily. Stay strong, confident, determined, beautiful, and you are going to change the world!

Love you, girl!



See, it’s not hard. BUT, it’s powerful and meaningful. Even if you don’t believe the words you are writing down today, the more you write it down, say it out loud, and think it, the more real it will be.

Go write your love letter to yourself. It would be even cooler if you sent me your love letter to share!!

You are enough! Go get em’ girl!


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