Coaches: How to Practice the Mental Side As a Team

To my coaches, 

I’ve done countless mental training workshops for teams (if you want one for your team, reply to this email) and the #1 reason I hear why teams don’t work on the mental game is…


I get this. I get that there are so many hours at the rented field or courts. Only so many hours to work on the fundamentals. Only so many hours when you have the entire team together.

How is a coach supposed to work on the mental game too?!

I have a solution that will only take 5 minutes, but can make a big difference in your team’s confidence. 

Game Ready Confidence!

This is a mental pre-game routine that you can easily implement before every game. Here’s how you can do that: 

1️⃣ Get your team together 5 minutes before you start physical warm-ups

2️⃣ Have them complete the Game Ready Confidence questions (in notebooks or on their phone notes)

3️⃣ BOOM! Done! Now, they are mentally prepared to tackle warm-ups and feel confident at the start of the game.

You can get Game Ready Confidence for just $19! 

Purchase here today!

I can’t wait to hear how your team is becoming mentally stronger after using Game Ready Confidence. Don’t forget to share with me!

💕 Paige

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