Consistency in the chaos! 🤯😷

Mar 20, 2020

When things started to get really serious, all I could think of was how do I show up even bigger for these girls? These girl athletes who have lost their sport. Lost their seasons. Lost their way. 


If I am feeling sadness, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, uncertainty, and so many more emotions, these girls must be feeling them too. 


So, I added bonus sessions for the girls in my mentorship to start because I wanted to create a place they could come together and keep growing. To keep getting better. To keep taking steps towards their goals and dreams. To stay consistent. To keep a positive mindset. To work on confidence. To keep routine in their lives.


It’s been AMAZING already. The girls are LOVING it. So, I decided I wanted to invite more of the girl athlete community in on this! 


What is it? 🤷‍♀️


👉2 sessions a day 

👉Monday through Friday (like school) 

*Until April 3rd at least with possibility to extend


Morning Mindfulness Session includes:


☀️Self love practice

☀️Gratitude practice

☀️Affirmation and self talk practice


☀️Planning out the day to have a schedule/routine

Mind + Body Session includes:
💪Mental training session (confidence building, goals, self talk practice, growth mindset work, etc.)
💪Workout (all things can be done inside, in a room, on the patio, etc.)


The sessions are all recorded and can be watched at convenience. 

 At least 10 sessions for just $20/girl athlete! 

 If you have been nodding your head yes this whole time and want your daughter to experience this once in a lifetime experience, use this link to register and get started!  

I can’t wait to see your daughter!! 

Keep on keepin’ on,

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