Does your athlete always think of the worst case scenario?

Sounds like…

What if I don’t get the hit? 

What if I get pulled out of the game? 

What if I let my team down? 

What if I suck?

What if my coaches get mad? 

What if my parents get mad? 

She’s not the only one. I used to be the “What If Queen!” What iffing myself to death! Always worrying about the bad things that could happen. 

I remember being in the on-deck circle knowing that I was going to get up to my at-bat and have an opportunity to knock in some runs for my team. But, I didn’t think about it as an opportunity. I what iffed it. 

What if I strike out? 

What if she pitches me inside?

What if I fail…again? 

What if… what if… what if? 

Way too often, I ended up with those kinds of results. Because what I think about is what I believe.

It wasn’t until my senior year that I started thinking differently when I created different results. Successful results. Hits, higher batting average, more fun, more at-bats, more playing time.

So, if your daughter is what iffing herself, help her change the what if question. Help her think differently. Help her think about and explore the possibilities instead. 

What if I get the hit? 

What if I trust myself?

What if I execute in this moment? 

What if everything goes the way I want it to go?

What if I crush it? 

What if I help my team win? 

What if I make my parents proud?

What if I’m confident? 

This will change her thinking, which will change her results! Because what she thinks about, she will believe.

Share this with an athlete that is what iffing herself too much! 


P.S. Pro tip: You can even use these new what-if questions as journal prompts!

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