Finding Confidence with Former Collegiate Soccer Player, Merin McDermott

Watch and learn from former Ferris and Aquinas Soccer Player and now coach, Merin McDermott on finding confidence.

Here are some of the things that really stuck with me after our conversation:

🔸 How she leans on faith to be confident...

- I prayed for everything - to be the best.

🔸What she does to feel confident in games...

- Stand like a superhero on the line before games and soak it in and it helped me feel mentally strong - it turned into a thing with my team.

🔸How Merin bounces back from mistakes...

- Turning my thoughts to how grateful I was to be able to play this game.

🔸Important advice for athletes from Merin...

- Get off your phone and go have fun!

- Play all the high school sports you can!

- When it comes to friends - quality over quantity

- Learn how to fuel your body in a healthy way!

I just love that we can learn from athletes like Merin who have been through it! Thanks, Merin for sharing and being transparent about your journey!! The athletes you coach are so blessed to have you!

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👉 Follow: @merinmcdermott

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