Help your daughter be confident by...

Dec 02, 2019

Is your daughter...

😬nervous in pressure situations? 
😫hard on herself after a tough game? 
🤯stressed out trying to juggle all the school and sports?

I get it. Your daughter doesn't want to listen to you, but just in case she is listening, here are some things to help her be more confident. 👇👇

1️⃣ What she can control = effort, attitude, mindset 
💗Remind her how important her self talk is 
💗Use your own personal examples that you have experienced as an adult to relate to her

2️⃣ What she CAN'T control = the results and the outcomes 
💗Remind her that the outcomes and the results are out of our control 
💗Talk about how she can adjust the process and her strategy to direct new results 
💗Let her tell you the new plan and what she can do to create change!

3️⃣ Her growth mindset 
💗It's a process. 
💗Forget the comparison.
💗She is enough. 
💗How can she grow and learn?!

You know when you mess up. So do we as daughters. Let's focus on the growth! This is where we help your daughter create confidence!!! 💪💪💪

You'll be surprised! 😊


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