How some mental training can impact a team in BIG ways! 💪

Mar 02, 2020

I had the Mind + Body Camp for the Firecrackers - Arizona Softball Organization here in the Phoenix area and this is how it impacted just one team! 💥💥

 First off, you might be thinking… “What is the Mind + Body Camp?!” 🤷‍♀️

The Mind + Body Camp is a way for your team to work on their physical softball (sports) skills (examples: hitting, defense, conditioning) while learning new mental skills, then putting it all together through challenges and competition! 🧠💪

This camp is for girls and teams that...struggle with their confidence, get down on themselves easily, do really well at practice and fall apart in the game, or have a hard time balancing school and softball (sports) at times.

 At this camp the girls learn ALL of this...

👏How to visualize and see themselves succeeding
👏How to practice and execute positive self talk
👏How to break through their mental blocks and fears
👏How to practice gratitude (this one is great for parents when they come home grateful)
👏How to include breathwork in their routines
👏How to dream, set goals, and actually take action (aka we whip out the agendas/planners and create a plan)

Watch this video to find out how this camp has impacted this coach’s team!  👀

To give you a sneak peak you’ll hear…

👊What the #1 thing Coach Garduno’s team struggles with on the mental side of the game
👊What made him want to bring his team to the Mind + Body Camp
👊Since the camp, what has changed for his team
👊What the girls are talking about from the camp
👊What Coach Garduno has implemented in practices and games for his team 

Do you want this for your team?! Let’s schedule a Mind + Body Camp ASAP! Not located in Arizona, let’s talk, I’ve got options! Send me a message today! 📲

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