How to get over failure!

Jun 24, 2019

Failure sucks right?!

But, guess what? You are going to fail. Everyone fails. It's not all rainbows and butterflies.

It is what you do in times of challenges and failures that defines you as an athlete.

One of the girls in my program who has been working day in and day out on her mindset and confidence had an AMAZING weekend hitting. Doubles, singles, hard hits, all the feels!! So what do you work on?

  • Visualization: See yourself getting those hits, those moments of success, what you've been working so hard for!
  • Positive Self Talk: I'm not just talking, "You are so good, Paige!" I'm talking productive positive self talk. Look at what you did well or not so well, learn, and GROW from your failure!
  • Intentional Breathing: Taking deep breaths in pressure situations, times of failure so you can slow down, refresh, and move forward FAST!

Here's the straight up truth though... You have to practice these mental training tools diligently! It has to be routine for you, just like when you practice your backhand or your footwork.


Because when that failure comes up in a game or you make an error or mistake, it's not going to be second nature to have positive self talk, to visualize, or take a deep breath. If you practice these over and over again when it's easy, this will come naturally to you when it's hard!

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