How to get your athlete to listen to you…

Apr 03, 2020

You’re probably thinking, yeah right?! How is this girl, Paige, going to get my daughter to listen to me? Eye roll X 12. 


The thing is… 

You’re doing it wrong. 

Oops. Did I say that out loud? Lol. Well, maybe not all of you… but, this is still important. 

Your daughter might not be listening to you, but they sure as heck are watching you. 

Watching your every move. 

So, I have some questions for you! 

👉How do you respond to failure? 
👉How do you react to disappointment? 
👉What do you do when someone (your kids) make you so angry? 
👉What is your morning routine? 
👉How do you handle stress? 
👉What are you doing to stay motivated? 

Okay, woah. I’ll stop there. That’s enough to reflect on for one day. But! I’ve got you thinking, right?! 

We teach these girls to be leaders. To lead by example. 

They are watching you, not listening to you. Lead by example! 

I’m pretty pumped because I’ve started a Facebook Group called Confidence for Your Athlete and in that group I’ll be sharing, connecting, and helping parents (and coaches). 

Here’s what’s going down in this group…

🙌Live trainings on how to help your daughter be a ROCKSTAR athlete
🙌Support from ME and other parents who are probably going through the exact same things
🙌Learning from trial and error, but much faster as a group! 
🙌Me sharing what I am teaching my girl athletes in my mentorship so you can lead by example… WHAT?! 

It’s going to be a game changer for you and your daughter. 

If you have been wondering how to get her to listen to you or how to build that better connection (so ultimately, she can PLAY and COMPETE better), you should join. Like NOW! 

Join The Confidence for Your Athlete Facebook Group here!

It’s FREE! 

I can’t wait to see you there to learn, grow, and be the best for your daughter! 

Keep on keepin’ on, 


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