How to help your athlete reframe her nervous approach

Feeling nervous before a tournament, a game, tryouts, or even a big test is TOTALLY normal. I think that there is a misconception that nerves are a bad thing. But, they are only a bad thing if you let them affect you negatively. 

I believe that nerves are a privilege. Nerves just mean you are excited to go out and do what you’ve worked so hard on week after week after week. 

So, how do you help your athlete reframe her nervous approach to confidence? I’ve got you. 

Your daughter might…

👉 be thinking about all the negative possibilities.

👉 be worried about what other people might think of her if she fails.

👉 look defeated before she even begins. 

I help the athletes I work with reframe their thoughts. Those nervous, worried, negative, doubtful thoughts. Like this…

What if I do terribly? ➡️ What if I trust my preparation and just let myself do my thing? 

If I make a mistake, my coach is going to pull me. ➡️ I deserve this opportunity and I belong here. 

I don’t want to let my team down. ➡️ I can’t wait for this opportunity and make my team proud. 

We all have this inner judge. For some of us, that judge is loud and obnoxious and holds us back from our full potential and being confident. Reframing thoughts is a tool that helps quiet that inner judge. The more your daughter can practice reframing her thoughts (even with your help), the more she will take those nerves and turn them into opportunity, excitement, and confidence! Just like reps off a tee or touches on the ball. 

Want more support? Send me a message if you’re looking for a mentor to help your daughter be a pro at reframing her thoughts. 


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