How to Visualize Your Best Self

Feb 21, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be truly confident? The best version of yourself?

I’ve got you covered, girl! 👍

In this video, we are going to actually practice visualization. Like right here, right now!

You all know that I teach the girl athletes in my programs visualization.

I teach visualization because it’s a simple, yet incredibly powerful tool to create confidence and find more success!

I want you to know how it feels to visualize your best self. Your most confident self.

So, close your eyes and get ready to visualize.

I cover…

✨How you want to feel before you go to compete.

✨What you want to do in your games/competition.

✨How you want to show up.

✨What you want to believe about yourself.

Practice this over and over to really embody this confidence!

🔥 Challenge: Get a photo of you visualizing before a game or practice and submit it in my Athlete Photo Entry to be featured in my social media!

Submit your photo here!

Keep on keepin’ on,

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