How visualization can create confidence for your athlete

Has your daughter ever made a mistake or failed and all she can think about and see is the replay of that mistake or failure?

She’s been using visualization…. but, for the bad.

It’s okay, she can use visualization for the good and it’s going to help her be the most confident version of herself out there.

When athletes visualize (aka seeing themselves succeed at something), they actually stimulate the same brain regions as they do when they physically perform the same action. So, what that means is, the brain is tricking the body into thinking you physically did whatever you visualized!

When I visualize myself hitting a homerun (and let’s be honest… I haven’t done that since college – 9 years ago 😅), my body thinks I really did that, so it feels like I can do it. That I am capable of that right now. Today! In this moment!

Visualization can do that for your athlete too. We just need to get her to understand the importance and how to do that.

I have the answer for you!

I have created a FREE Downloadable Guide for your daughter. For you technically, so you can relax knowing your daughter will be confident because she knows and uses visualization. It’s called How to Create Confidence NOW! And I will teach your daughter how powerful visualization is and show her how to use it in a really fun form of video (Confidence Reel) to use before her games and competition!

I’ve been doing this with the girls I work with for years now and they LOVE IT!

So, don’t wait, go get it now!



P.S. Don’t forget… this is FREE, a no-brainer!

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