How to be CLUTCH!

the mental game mentorship

What would happen if you forgot about your batting average, the records, everything that’s happened this season or past seasons, and just had FUN?! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

My senior year of college, I decided to forget what had happened, stopped letting the past define me, and just played softball and GUESS WHAT?! I had my best year ever! Not just like rah, rah, I feel happy, but I doubled my batting average and I felt like I couldn’t be stopped. 💪🙌🤗

I mentor girls on the mental side of the game because I want them to feel and play the way I did my senior year.

✨ Fearless
✨ Joyful
✨ Fierce
✨ Motivated
✨ Playful

So how do you do that?

✔️Let go of the batting average.
✔️ Let go of the stats.
✔️ Let go of the opinions from other people.
✔️ Let go of the pressure.

Just try it. For one weekend. What do you have to lose?! You’ve got this. Love the game you play again. Enjoy every second of it. Just play! 💕

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