I promise your crazy sports mom or dad is on your side! 🙄

Oct 07, 2019

I get it.

Your mom or dad is...
😑always on you
😑wondering why you'd strike out
😑hard on you when you don't do well
😑hard on you when you did do well

It drives you crazy. It drove ME crazy!
It makes you want to quit.
It causes way too many tears.
You wonder what life would be like if you weren't an athlete.

I PROMISE you it is all out of love. I SWEAR they mean well, but they just don't always do a perfect job communicating it (no one's perfect, right?!).

So, here's the deal.

💗They love you so much, they just want to see you succeed (maybe sometimes more than you).
💗They see the potential in you that you might not even see in yourself.
💗They only want the best for you because you are the best!

‼️Game Plan‼️ (because they are still driving you nuts):
🔸Be the bigger daughter and surprise them
🔸Give them some grace, just like you'd want in return
🔸Set boundaries and communicate effectively
🔸Coach them up!
🔸Hugs, lots of hugs

🔸Better relationship
🔸Enjoy your time together on and off the playing field/court/pool
🔸Be a bad-a when competing!

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You've got this girl! 💕

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