In Her Shoes: Ally Carda

Watch and learn from Olympian, Professional, and former UCLA Softball pitcher on finding confidence.

Here are some of the things that really stuck with me after our conversation:

🔸How she overcomes struggles...

-Instead of thinking I should do this, I should this... she figures out what her mindset is going to be like. For example: "How can I enjoy this? How can I be grateful? How can I think of this situation differently?"

-See the situation in a neutral perspective.

-Ask yourself, "What can I do to be more positive or more productive?"

🔸What she does to feel confident in games...

-She stated that feeling confident in every game is not going to happen. So, knowing that you don't have to feel that to perform great is key. She says things like, "So what? What are you going to do? Even in my C game, how am I going to get these girls out?"

🔸How Ally competes and plays with some of the greatest teammates...

-She asks herself what those successful teammates are doing and figures out how she can use that in her own game in her own ways.

🔸How she performs under pressure...

-Remembering that pressure is a privilege! Saying things like, "How cool is it that I get to be here? How fun is this?"

🔸Important advice for athletes from Ally...

-She wishes that she would have stopped being so stubborn and reached out for help learning how to shift her mindset when things were hard.

I just love that we can learn from incredible athletes like Ally who have been through it! Thanks, Ally for sharing and being transparent about your journey SO FAR!! You are truly making a difference out there and we can't wait to keep cheering you on!

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