In Her Shoes: Cameron Dobbs


Watch and learn from former collegiate volleyball player and coach, author, speaker, sports reporter, and even more, Cameron Dobb’s experiences through every part of her journey so far.

One thing that stuck with me after our conversation was, “Play where your feet are, not where your teammates or parents or friends or others are.”

Cameron also answers…

🏐 You have had an incredible career so far, What have been your biggest struggles along the way and how have you overcome them? What do you do to be confident?

🏐Did you ever work on your mindset while competing and going to school?

🏐 What do you think has brought you success in your career?

🏐 How do you lean on faith when things are hard? And in your every day life?

🏐 What keeps you motivated when you're just not feeling motivated?

🏐 What is one thing you wish you would have known sooner as an athlete?

A few of Cameron’s favorite verses are:

🫶 Proverbs 19:21 - God will give you the desires of your heart

🫶 Proverbs 10:28 - Look forward to hopes and your future

🫶 Psalm 118:24- Rejoice in this day and be glad!

You can find Cameron at…

👉 Podcast: @playwhereyourfeetare

👉 Follow: @cam.dobbs

👉 Buy the book: www.playwhereyourfeetare.com  

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