In Her Shoes- Hannah Watkins

May 30, 2023

Watch and learn from current collegiate volleyball player and mental health leader, Hannah Watkin's experiences through every part of her journey so far.

One thing that stuck with me after our conversation was, “Physical and mental health are the same things, find time to treat your mental health the same way you take care of your physical health."

Hannah also answers…

🏐 What have been her biggest struggles in her career and how she has overcome them

🏐 What she does to feel confident before matches

🏐 What it's like to be a leader as Head Campus Captain for @thehiddenopponent 

🏐 What has brought her success

🏐 What is one thing she'd like to know sooner as an athlete

Hannah recovers from mistakes by asking herself, "Do I remember any mistakes I made in high school? (it's usually a no) and to remember that no one is going to remember this in a year, but they will remember how she responded consistently. 

You can find Hannah at…

👉 Follow: @hannahrachellew

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