In Her Shoes: Nikki Parsley-Blocker

Watch and learn from former collegiate field hockey coach and former athlete, Nikki Parsley-Blocker on what it takes to be a part of a championship-caliber team.

Here are some of the things that really stuck with me after our conversation:

We are playing for a purpose not just a goal. This will take the pressure off.

🔸 Confidence is a choice. "I have done x, y, z to put myself in a position to succeed."

🔸 “One of our pillars is vulnerability. If you see something ask about it, even when you have a ton of things on your to-do list for practice.”

🔸 “You can't control the outcome, you can influence it.”

🔸 “Identity isn't what you do. You play softball, you're identity isn't a softball player.”

🔸 “The big setbacks that happen will eventually be little blips in your timeline that lead to something even greater.”

I can’t wait to watch how God works through Nikki and her incredible team at @libertyuniversity 🫶

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👉 Follow: @nikblockss

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