In Her Shoes: Rowan Lapi

Mar 26, 2023

Watch and learn from collegiate D1 soccer player Rowan Lapi’s experiences competing at the college level!

One thing that stuck with me after our conversation was, “my mental fortitude came from knowing how important the mental game was.”

Rowan also answers…

⚽️ You had an incredible career at NU, what have been your biggest struggles along the way and how have you overcome them? What do you do to be confident?

⚽️Did you ever work on your mindset while competing and going to school?

⚽️What do you think has brought you success in your career?

⚽️For all the girls that want to play college ball and are going through the recruiting process, what advice do you have?

⚽️What is one thing you wish you would have known sooner as an athlete?

Rowan’s favorite mantras are:

👊 Consistency compounds

👊 Should’ve never passed me

👊 You belong

👊 Trust the process

👊 What’s next?

You can follow Rowan at @rowanlapi!



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