In Her Shoes: Rylee Holtorf

Watch and learn from current UW softball player, Rylee Holtorf on what it takes to make it to the WCWS.

Here are some of the things that really stuck with me after our conversation:

🔸 "My confidence comes from knowing I outworked the opponent."

🔸 "Pleasure over pressure - I get to have this experience."

🔸 "You have to put your faith in a constant - Jesus."

🔸 "Keep it fun!"

🔸 “Identity isn't what you do. You play softball, you're identity isn't a softball player.”

🔸 "No matter where you go to play. you are in control of your reactions and responses and your attitude about it."

I can’t wait to watch Rylee continue to thrive and make an impact on this game.

You can follow Rylee at…

👉 Follow: @ryleeholtorf

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