In Her Shoes: Taylor Hall

Jul 02, 2023

Watch and learn from former collegiate basketball player, Taylor Hall's experiences through every part of her journey so far.

One thing that stuck with me after our conversation was, “Don’t take everything so seriously, playing your sport is meant to be fun."

Taylor did not have the best experience playing college ball, but that hasn’t stopped her from learning and growing to become the best version of herself and now impacting others through fitness and training. I love how honest and open Taylor is about her experience because often times the collegiate athlete experience can be glamorized and always shared as this dreamy thing. She was able to take a tough experience and make the best out of her situation.

Taylor’s advice to all the athletes that come behind her is to not take everything so seriously. Playing and competing is meant to be fun. It can be fun and intense. And you aren’t your sport, it’s what you do!

I can’t wait to watch Taylor continue to discover the gifts that come from her unique (even difficult) experience playing college ball. 🫶

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