Is your daughter hard on herself? 😬

Feb 27, 2020

It sometimes, okay… kind of all the time, feels like we have to be hard on ourselves as athletes. 😑

It’s this balance between being proud or feeling accomplished and pushing harder or never enough. 😄😫😄😫

Most times, again, like all the time, we feel like we aren’t enough. 


Athletes are constantly thinking about… 

🤔How do I improve

🤔Why am I not further along?

🤔Will I ever be good enough?

🤔Can I really do this?

🤔I need to push harder

🤔There’ so much I need to get better at

And this is good! This is what makes us better. It’s the competitor in us! 💪

But… we forget to pump ourselves up. We forget to give ourselves credit. 


It’s CRUCIAL as an athlete to take time to be proud of ourselves too. 


So, here’s what you as the athlete or your daughter needs to do TODAY! 👇

  1. Set a timer for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Braindump and write down ALL of your accomplishments, things you’ve overcome, things you’re proud of, any wins big or small on a sheet of paper!
  3. Come back to this post or send me a message answering these questions below! 

✍️How did it make you feel? 

✍️Were you surprised by how many things you’ve done? 

✍️Did it inspire you to keep going?! 


To the athlete💗

You’re amazing. You’ve come so far. It’s a balance of being proud of yourself and to keep going! We do things like this in The Mental Game Mentorship and my girls are KICKING BUTT on and off the field. Want in?! Send me a message! 💌

You’ve got this. Keep on keepin’ on! 💕


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