Is your daughter struggling mentally in the recruiting process?

Oct 09, 2023

Do you feel like your daughter is struggling mentally in the recruiting process? 

Comparing herself to all the other athletes? 

Putting so much pressure on herself? 

Feeling overwhelmed with all of it? 

Feels like she has to prove herself constantly? 

I feel for her. I remember clearly how stressful this process was to attain the biggest goals and dreams that I had set out for myself.

I feel for you. It’s so hard watching her struggle with something that is actually supposed to be fun and fulfilling for your daughter. 

I want to share this message I received from one of my athletes just recently…

THIS is why working on mindset is one of the most important things an athlete can do.

This athlete was able to go from a lot of overwhelm, stress, negative thinking, worrying, and comparing to shifting the way she thinks about the situation and herself.


I can help your daughter get here too. Hit reply and let’s chat! 


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