Learn How to Visualize Your Dreams and Goals

Jun 30, 2019

Visualize your dreams + goals and they will come to life! 💭✨💭✨

This month in The Mental Game Mentorship we’ve been improving our consistency with visualizing and becoming expert visualizers!

What does it even mean to be an expert visualizer? Well, just like practicing your physical skills at practice and lessons, we have to practice our mental skills!! 🤗🧠

Visualization tip!!!
💭 Visualize yourself as the confident, strong, successful girl you want to become!
💭 Visualize yourself in that college uniform playing at the next level!
💭Visualize yourself getting the job of your dreams!
💭 Visualize your name with the batting average or record that you want!

Most importantly... consistently visualize and WORK HARD!!!

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