Let's make failure cool

Okay, okay, maybe not go that far... but, failure is and will continue to show up whether we like it or not. So, we can make friends with it or allow it to take us down into the fiery flames. 

Here's what I want you to think about...

What if you thought of failure as a tool?

What if you took your failures and learned from them?

What if you talked to your teammates about failure like it wasn't a big deal?

What if you had more conversations with your coaches about failing?

What I mean by let's make failure cool is... let's normalize failing. Because when we can learn from our failure, we can come back stronger, better, empowered, and more confident.

Talking about failure is why I do what I do. I want to have more conversations about failures and how to move through them because it's the only way to success. If we have more of these conversations together, we will learn faster! 

I am hosting a local event here in Arizona called Girl Talk to do exactly this! I'm inviting girl athletes locally to meet together with me and we are just going to have conversation about the mental side of the game: failure, success, emotions, obstacles, self doubt, negative thoughts, self love, confidence. All of it! 

The more we talk about this stuff, the better we will get!

Details for Girl Talk coming up THIS WEEK! 👇

💗 Where: SFS Athletics in Phoenix (See link in below for address)

💗 When: November 5th at 7pm - 8pm

💗 For: Girl Athletes ready to talk and implement the mental game to level up! 


Not in Arizona, it's okay! Here are some ideas to start having more conversations about the mental game...

  1. Schedule an Intro to Mental Training Workshop with me for your team! (Send me a DM)
  2. Download my Self Talk Practice Freebie and talk about it with your teammates/parents
  3. Buy Game Ready Confidence and start implementing a pre-game routine 

HINT: I'll be hosting more online mental training workshops in the future! 

🌵 AZ Girl Athletes/Parents: RSVP for Girl Talk ASAP! See you there! 

💕 Paige

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