Letting Go of Expectations

Feb 15, 2021

Every time I think about the phrase, “letting go, let go, let it go,” I’m singing Frozen 🤦‍♀️😂

But, on a serious note… letting go of expectations…

This is hard stuff you guys.

I know because I think I have some of the highest expectations ever. I’m pretty sure it started when I was in like 1st grade.

I expected a lot of success from myself. In school, in sports, in life, in my business today!

Those expectations have held me back though. Those expectations have put so much pressure, it’s actually done damage instead of good.

So, how do we let go of expectations (there is Elsa again…)?

It’s just thinking about them differently.

Here is an example…

I’m about to step into the box. Runners are in scoring position. It’s MY JOB to help my team score by getting a hit in this at bat. Pressure is on.

Big expectations me is thinking…

🙅‍♀️I have to get a hit.

🙅‍♀️If I don’t get a hit, we won’t win.

🙅‍♀️I better get a hit or else my coaches are going to pull me out.

This is ALL WRONG. It’s time to start thinking about this situation differently.

Letting go expectations me is going to think…

💪I get to get a hit here!

💪I have an opportunity to get a hit.

💪I was made for this!!!


Can you feel the energy shift?! 

It’s just thinking differently.

It’s figuring out what makes you tick. It’s figuring out what you can say to yourself in these big moments to let go of the expectations and just play!

If you’re struggling. If you’re in a slump. If you’re stuck… what do you have to lose?

I challenge you to try and let go of those expectations in your next game, next practice!

Things to tell yourself to free those expectations:

💥I get to compete!

💥I was made for this!

💥Whatever happens out there, happens!

💥I have an opportunity!

💥Go hard and have fun!

I can’t wait to hear about what happens when you let go of your expectations!

Keep on keepin’ on,

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