My coach doesn't believe in me....

Sep 26, 2021

Ugh... this feeling sucks right?

I believe that the best coaches instill belief in their athletes.

Good news... there are coaches that do this!

Bad news is... not all coaches do this (we can have a whole conversation about this another time).

This feeling still sucks though. Which is why I teach athletes how to create their own confidence when they feel like this.

Here is what you can do when you feel like your coach doesn't believe in you:

  1. I want you to decide if this is a thought or a fact.

Thought = A story we tell ourselves, our imagination, our opinion

Fact = 100% true, can be proved in a court! 

A lot of times we tend to create a story in our minds that isn't totally true - it's all good, it happens to everyone. 

  1. Ask yourself, "What do I want to believe about me?" 

This is the truth time. This is the time to step into your power and decide what you want to happen, who you want to be, and how you want to show up! 

  1. Choose who you surround yourself with (to the best of your ability)!

I say at the best of your ability because sometimes you are going to have a coach you don't LOVE, but they are still your coach. Sometimes we are going to have teachers, family members, bosses that we aren't OBSESSED with, but they are still there. It is your job to choose some people you surround yourself with as best that you can and as much as you can. People that raise you up, support you, love you, believe in you, encourage you, are honest with you, that inspire you! The more you surround yourself with this energy, the better you will be! 

  1. When that coach gives you feedback, adjustments, advice, etc., I want you to figure out how to use it (without taking it personally) as fuel! To make you better! That part is in your control!

Keep putting yourself in the best possible positions to strive!

Which one of these things are you going to do next?!

💕 Paige

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