My daughter wants to quit playing...

Nov 07, 2019

What do you do?! She has to keep going, right?!

She probably wants to quit because... 
😔Coaches just aren't understanding her
😔Too much pressure
😔Can't take the failure any longer
😔She's just unhappy out there 
😔Her social life is non-existent

So, how do we get your daughter motivated and excited again?! 🤩

This is where the Mental Game comes in... 
I know the main focus in sports is the physical component and the skills that need to be practiced, but what we are missing is the foundation, YOUR DAUGHTER'S MINDSET!

✨✨What your daughter is saying and thinking is the most important thing because what you say and what you think is WHAT YOU BELIEVE!✨✨

So, if she's hearing her coach only criticize her results and never encourage her efforts, she's probably saying and thinking...
👎I suck 
👎I'll never be good at this whole hitting outside pitches thing
👎Why do I even try anymore 
👎I should just quit
👎This is too hard

Or maybe she's doing it to herself - her own worst critic!

Either way... the mental game and changing your mindset takes consistency and practice just like those physical skills we do put so much time and effort in.

What happens when your daughter starts working on the mental game? 🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♂️

Here it is! The results! 🙌🙌🙌

Your daughter will be...
💁‍♀️wayyyyy happier
💁‍♀️motivated to get to work and achieve new goals
💁‍♀️confident as heck

That girl that we just described (could be your daughter) is the player that is in it for the long run!

Let's keep your daughter in the game and start building confidence with the mental game! 👱‍♀️🧠

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