One easy way to get rid of negative thinking

🙅‍♀️ Don’t think of Taylor Swift.

What are you thinking of right now? 🤷‍♀️

Probably Taylor Swift! Maybe even singing your favorite T-Swift song! 😹

I’m guilty. Your coaches are guilty. Your parents are guilty. You are guilty.

Guilty of telling ourselves what we don’t want to do.  😬

When we are trying to improve and make adjustments we tell ourselves things like…

❌Don’t drop your shoulder

❌Stop being late

❌Don’t mess this up

These are all great things to know, but you don’t want to be thinking…

Don’t mess this up, don’t strike out, don’t swing too late when you are up to bat because that usually ends up with big ol’ strike out!

Change the way you are thinking about your adjustments. 

Tell yourself things like…

✅Stay tall!

✅Be early!

✅You’re ready for it.

✅I can do this!

See the difference there?!

Now you are in the right mindset to actually make the adjustments you want to see!

This is a really easy way to start getting rid of those negative thoughts that are popping up into your head. 👍

All you have to do now is be super aware of how you are telling yourself your adjustments. Easy peasy! 🤙

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Keep on keepin’ on,


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