Parents need to stop gossiping

I can remember plenty of times when I was playing club ball, even college ball, and the parents would be chatting with each other in front of the athletes playing about who should play, who didn't deserve playing time, if the coach was awful or not worthy of the position, or even gossiping about other parents. 

As I have gotten older, grown, and formed more of my own opinions, I look back at those moments and know how toxic they were for me and my teammates. 

Anyone, not just parents, falls into the pit of gossip at times. We are human. Meaning, we aren’t perfect. But, we need to have more awareness because it affects what your daughter thinks about gossiping. If you gossip, she will think it’s okay to gossip. And in my opinion, it’s not okay to talk negatively about others. 

Parents need to stop gossiping because even though it doesn’t seem like the kids are listening… they are. They are like sponges. 

So, let’s commit to being better. Let’s commit to empowering not only your daughter but the people that surround your daughter. Her teammates, her coaches, the other parents, the referees, officials, and umpires. 

Just like I tell the girls I work with, it starts with you. You are in control of your thoughts, your reactions. Not others. 


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