Private lessons are worthless without a confident mindset

Nov 01, 2020

You might be thinking that I’m just full of it because I am a Mindset Mentor. But, hear me out.

Yes, the physical skills and work are important. The lessons, the training, the practices are important. No doubt. Sorry girls, this isn’t a video saying forget the physical work (haha).

But, the mental work is just as important. Maybe even more important.

Here is why…

When you go to that private lesson and your instructor is showing you how to do something new and uncomfortable and for some reason you can’t make the adjustment to save your life, your frustration spirals.

😬 You get down on yourself.

😬 Sometimes you give up.

😬 You wonder if you’ll ever be able to be great.

😬 The doubt sets in.

😬 The tears might come.

Now, at the end of your lesson, you’re frustrated, angry, mad, upset, and disappointed. 

Almost feels like a waste of time, right?!

This is where the mental work is crucial for your development as an athlete.

When you are working on your mindset and your confidence AND going to lessons, practice, and training… this is where the magic lives.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had tools on how to use your challenges and failures to grow and get better? Instead of that frustration spiral nonsense. 🤷‍♀️

When you have the confidence, your lessons are going to be SO 👏 MUCH 👏 MORE productive!

You are going to see SO 👏 MUCH 👏 MORE progress. 

And you are going to be SO 👏 MUCH 👏 MORE successful!!

The best athletes I know are doing BOTH. ✌️

Working on their mindset + lessons/practice/training

If you don’t create more confidence, your lessons will continue to go the way I talked about before.

Here’s how to start working on your confidence!

I have a Confident Athlete Mini Camp at the end of this month! This will be an incredible opportunity to dive into mental training. We are going to be working on stuff that I teach in my MAIN program, The Confident Athlete.

Get signed up ASAP (spots are limited)!


I can’t wait to see what you can do with confidence!!

Keep on keepin’ on,

💕 Paige


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