Stop thinking things are hard...

Now that I have studied and really worked on my own mindset, I oftentimes wonder why I ever would think…

“Hitting is hard.” 

I mean, I probably had that thought often because that’s what the world was saying. Because to be truthful, it is hard. It’s one of the hardest things in sports. One of the hardest parts of baseball and softball. 

But, it was leading me to believe that it was hard for me when it didn’t have to be. It’s like I was making it harder than it was. Overcomplicating it. Overthinking it. 

Sound familiar? 

I’m thinking that you’re thinking… “Wow, this is so my daughter.” 

I work on getting perspective with the girls that I work with. I work on helping them reframe thoughts just like this.

Instead of thinking, “Hitting is hard,” let’s think things like this…

✅ Hitting is so easy

✅ I can hit in my sleep

✅ I can hit anything 

✅ Hitting comes so naturally to me 

(Insert whatever physical skill for your sport you are doing / your daughter is doing here - example: Serving is so easy)

We believe what we think. So, let’s learn how to choose thoughts that are actually going to help us play and compete to our potential. 

At one point, I asked a girl I was working with if she’d seen those books titled “_______ for Dummies.” Typing for Dummies, Calculus for Dummies, Real Estate for Dummies, etc. lol 

I had her dumb things down. Make them simple. Rather than overcomplicating the heck out of it.

Does your daughter need some mental coaching to help her start thinking like this? I’m here to support her and you too! Reply to this email to set up a call. 

💕 Paige

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