Stressed about trying to balance your sport and school? 😩 🤯😬

Nov 20, 2019

I have a lot of girls (and adults) ask me how do I balance it all?

👉How do you go from practice to lesson to game to practice and STILL get really good grades?
👉How do you get your homework done and be a top notch athlete? 
👉How do you do it all without feeling so stressed out?

✨It's habits. 
✨It's time management.
✨It's organization.
✨It's commitment.

You're probably thinking, duh, I knew that. BUT, it's hard to figure out how to do all those things and do them well. I'm here to help you with that HOW! 🤷‍♀️

My #1 secret to being a successful student, athlete, friend, and family member is...

⚡️⚡️MY PLANNER! ⚡️⚡️

Yep! 1 tool took me from grade school all the way till today. It's like my 2nd Bible. 📔🙏

How do you use that thing to your advantage though? Let's relieve that stress you're feeling! 👇

1. Know the end goal. 
⭐️Athletic Goals 
⭐️College Goals
⭐️Homecoming (School Dance)
⭐️Career Goals

2. Know the actions and steps to get to the end goal. 
💥Example: For a test...
💥Make flash cards 
💥Take practice quizes
💥Discuss material with a study buddy

✍️When you have an end goal, write the due date in your planner and work backwards. 
✍️Plug in the actions and steps leading up to that end goal!

When you do this...
😊You'll never forget things - STRESS RELIEVER
😊You'll actually take action and accomplish your goals - STRESS RELIEVER
😊You'll stay organized - STRESS RELIEVER

We work hard on balancing being a student-athlete in the Mental Game Mentorship, if you need help with this, send me a message! 💌

💕You've got this girl!


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