Stressed cause you don't have your life all figured out?

I was 22.

Just graduated from Northwestern University.

Ready for my next chapter.

Sounds great, right?!

Nope. It was terrible. 👎

I wasn’t an athlete anymore.

I didn’t belong anywhere.

I had NO IDEA what I was going to do in this next chapter (well I had some ideas).

I didn’t have life all figured out.

I still don’t have FULLY figured out.

That’s the point though.

I met a new friend. Dr. Tim Jordan. We met because I started listening to his podcast, Raising Daughters. We had such a great conversation about this topic exactly. Not having life all figured out. He told me a lot of the girls he counsels feel so much pressure and stress because they don’t have it all figured out.

(Insider Tip: Reach out to people who inspire you!!!)

He told me about this concept he came up with, the dot concept. Remember those dot pictures where you’d connect the dots and ended up with some sort of picture?!

He told me that’s kind of what life is like. You don’t know the full picture, you just have to keep connecting dots.

⚫️ Just keep connecting the dots.

⚫️ Follow your gut.

⚫️ Lean into the things you love.

⚫️ Try new things.

⚫️ Learn from your experiences.

⚫️ Make new connections (like I did with Dr. Tim Jordan).

Eventually, it will all work itself out and the picture will be clear!

Thank you, Dr. Tim Jordan! 

Keep on keepin’ on,


P.S. Stay tuned for a podcast episode from Dr. Tim Jordan’s podcast, Raising Daughters, that I’ll be a guest on soon!

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