The formula for confidence

Confidence doesn’t always just show up because we want it to. If we just relied on our confidence to show up, even after we just failed or made a mistake, it wouldn’t. You know this because you’ve seen your daughter show up with ZERO confidence after a slump, mistake, embarrassing herself, a bad game, a bad practice. You can see it all over her. Her body language, her demeanor, her face. 

Confidence is created. Confidence is created so that when you do fail, you can still show up with confidence. No matter what happened before. 

So, here’s the formula for confidence. 

Thoughts + Actions = Confidence 

Thoughts = positive affirmations, reminders, truths, self love, positive self talk

Actions = writing down those thoughts, putting down those thoughts somewhere where you will see them (equipment, arm, note, etc.), visualizing the success you want, deep breaths, practice 

This is how confidence is created even in the hard moments. 

Do you want your daughter to change her thoughts and take action so she can show up as the most confident version of herself? I’ve got you! 

Grab my Game Ready Confidence (pre-game mindset routine) NOW! You can even add on a guided visualization MP3. 

I can’t wait to hear about how confident your daughter is at her next game because she used this formula for confidence! 



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